CONSIDER "Sustainable Management of Industrial Heritage as a Resource for Urban Development", aims to develop sustainable management model (SMM) for industrial heritage sites (IHS) for the benefits of the local communities as a resource for strengthening collective identities, improving the urban landscape, promoting ecofriendly solutions, and contributing to the urban economy and a sustainable future of the city.

The innovative side of this model is in its inclusive approach to the problem (regionally, sectorial, taking into consideration gender aspects, and its highlight on the exchange of knowledge, technology and labour). This novel collaboration will be improved by through synergies, networking activities, organisation of workshop, summer school, webinars, and final conference to facilitate sharing of knowledge. The circular knowledge exchange is based on systematic and triple-helix approach between academia (universities), policymakers (municipalities), and practitioners (SME/NGO) that will contribute both in identifying problems and developing guidelines for their improvement. This research brings novelty in respect of geographic regions that previously were not sufficiently investigated and inventoried thus providing the basis for further comparative research undertakings and sustainability of the Project outcomes in creation of new knowledge.